Over the past 6 months we’ve been closely collaborating with our users, early stakeholders and partners to ensure we’re providing the best possible investing experience.

We’re making fantastic progress and to ensure our positioning is aligned with our offering, we’ve decided to provide this experience from a new brand.

Originally, we decided to call ourselves Mosaic because we wanted to combine banking and wealth into one experience. 

What we found however, is the problem is less about banking inefficiencies but more about access and cost of investing solutions.

So, as of today, we’re now called Whaley, pronounced: ‘way-ley’

So, why Whaley?

Well, we wanted something people can identify with. Whales are the largest living animal group on the planet and are global by nature. They’re highly intelligent yet simple creatures.

In finance, ‘big’ investors are often referred to “whales”. We know that our users can be great investors too and that through Whaley wealth creation won’t be left to the actual ‘whales’.

Our site is now at www.whaley.money. Our social handles are now updated. You’re still following & like us so you don’t have to do anything to stay informed about what we’re up to.

We’re still focused on giving everyday people access to stocks around the globe. We’re doing this in a way that encourages intelligent investing. This ensures everyday people can grow their wealth without having to pay high fees and deal with hard-to-understand wealth platforms.

The app is getting a facelift too. We’ve simplified the on boarding, transaction and portfolio management features. We’ve stripped the entire app back to basics and rebuilt based on over six months of feedback.

We’re still on track to put the app in your hands mid 2018.


As always, feedback is super valuable to us. Feel free to contact us anytime at hey@whaley.money with any feedback, ideas and suggestions.