At Sydney’s inaugural Fintech Startup Weekend, two university students spent 48 hours building an investment framework designed to change how consumers approach savings and wealth management.

They quickly realised how complicated it is to invest as a consumer and that current platforms favour the wealthy.

They decided to build an app that allows consumers to invest what they want in just about anything they want, all through just a few taps.

What we believe:


We believe that investors, big, small and everyone in between should have access to the right tools to make wealth decisions. Whaley is the beginning of a wealth accessibility revolution.

Data-Led Design & Engineering

Whaley is a user-first experience. From day one, Whaley has strived to ensure that our users have the best possible investing experience. Everything else is secondary.

Long-Term Thinking

We exist to help people build wealth in the years to come. We lookten years, not ten minutes in advance and we can only grow as big as our customers let us.

We’re a Team of Digital Natives with Deep Financial Service Experience

Sam Nixon

Co-Founder & CFO

Matt Jones

Co-Founder & CTO

With advisory from some of Asia-Pacific’s most respected professionals.

Ben Heap

Investor & Advisor

Toby Heap

Investor & Advisor

Scott Farrell


Backed and supported by Australia’s best venture capital and legal expertise.

The current investing landscape is built to keep normal people out.

Whaley is changing that.