Why We’re Called Mosaic

Every now and again, someone asks about the origin story of Mosaic and why we’ve named ourselves after an art style. Originally, the name spawned as a result of our solution – a combination of banking and investment products into one seamless experience. Over the past 6 months, we’ve maintained the same name however our approach to the problem that is access to investment has changed.

We’re still looking to bridge the obvious gap between the behemoth pillars that are banking and wealth management although approaching it from an angle that directly addresses a core pain point for consumers. We decided to tackle the problem of wealth creation first and create an organic relationship with existing banks. We’re doing this through the Mosaic app which will allow users to invest in brands and listed assets around the world. It’s going to be an easy, inexpensive and intelligent way to grow your wealth be it small or large.

As a result, the idea of modern portfolio construction has been an interesting challenge for us. There are interesting issues around what makes a diversified portfolio and we’re solving that however I’ll leave that for another time.

What is more interesting is this idea of visualising your wealth. We want our users to see their wealth in a way that makes sense to the individual, rather than just the investment bankers on Martin Place. Over time we’ve developed this idea of tiles where each holding in your portfolio depicts a tile. As your portfolio grows, your tiles grow.

Over time, we’ve seen how the average investor on Mosaic constructs a portfolio and using virtual currency, we’re able to simulate how investors respond to returns. In early portfolio construction tests, we found investors were filling their portfolios and distributing using some pretty interesting patterns. Many users were investing based on social and ethical values while others were investing based on their own consumer behaviours and investing heavily in tech based companies like Apple and Tesla.



Even in short periods of time, our users portfolio’s began to look like a mosaic. As investments were made, tiles were added to portfolios and as they varied in size based on how the level of exposure to the company, this became customised for every user. These customised visualisations began painting a picture which we believe is a powerful way to understand your financial position.

Those using our open beta have not been aware of this mosaic style visualisation. However, as of today, we’re opening up this experience in Mosaic 1.7. You can download the update on the App Store now.

Over the coming months, this screen will become even more intuitive as we continue testing how users are creating portfolios and learn what data is genuinely important for a user when making investments. As always, feedback is super valuable to us and the experience we’re engineering – you can provide feedback anytime by simply shaking your device when in the Mosaic app or contacting us directly either on Twitter @get_mosaic or hi@whaley.money.

As always, happy investing!


If you want to know more about Mosaic and what we’re all about, feel free to drop me a line directly. We’re always up for a coffee or a beer to chat about all things investing and technology.

mattjones ()

Co-Founder and CTO of Mosaic.