In the past four months, Mosaic HQ has been absolutely buzzing. We’ve been put in countless hours designing, building and testing our first official release. There have also been late nights consisting of building out the complicated investment engine that powers Mosaic.

In the coming days, everyone who has signed up to be a part of our first beta, will be invited to be a part of a platform that we hope is going to be a dramatically different way to approach investing.

For those who don’t know, Mosaic is an app that lets you invest what you want, in just about anything you want. We remove the complexity attached to investing in companies you care about so that your money is actually generating a return. With us, you can put your spare money into companies like Tesla so your savings don’t erode sitting in a bank account – all for less than $1 per trade.

MosaicBeta is going to bit a little different to what we launch next year (you can read the blog post on the beta details here). While we finalise the backend, we’ll be running Mosaic with virtual currency with the top performing players receiving actual cash prizes and of course, superb startup swag because let’s be honest, who doesn’t love merch. We’re working on an Android version however we’ll be launching the Beta to iOS only.

Any iPhone running iOS 8+ will run the app. For iPad users, you’ll be able to use it as well using the native 2x feature.

The reason we’re running MosaicBeta is to learn as much as we humanly can about our users. We’re operating on the forefront of a ‘fintech’ revolution in both Australia and throughout the world so our goal is to further build Mosaic as an investing experience that our users genuinely love (we’ve also got really neat swag that we wanna share with the world). Ultimately, we know that investing in financial markets is complicated, inaccessible and poorly designed. We believe that an alternative is possible and hope that the feedback gathered in the beta will be our ammunition to help prove that.

This means we want feedback. Lots of feedback. Positive or negative, we want to hear all. At Mosaic, we’re driven by fine design, efficient engineering and well-executed user experiences.

Feedback is our h2o. You can submit any thoughts, recommendations – directly through our site.

In the coming weeks, we’ll also be running a series of sessions at our space in Stone & Chalk. For anyone interested in playing with new features that we’re working on or if you’ve just got a general love for finance and technology sign up to our mailing list and we’ll shoot out invites to come and eat pizza / drink beers with us in the coming weeks.

From the team, I want to thank everyone who’s supported us so far, particularly those who I’ve had the pleasure of demoing and pitching to personally. We’re at the beginning of our journey and the support and response so far has been awesome. We cannot wait to share more details on whats to come.

Keep an eye on your inbox for a link to the App Store and if you haven’t already signed up to our beta, you can do that here.


Matt J. Co-Founder @ Mosaic


If you want to know more about Mosaic and what we’re all about, feel free to drop me a line directly. We’re always up for a coffee or a beer to chat about all things investing and technology.

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Co-Founder and CTO of Mosaic.