As part of our mission to democratise access to investing, we’ve always pushed to give people a voice when it comes to money. The best ideas come from those around you and as one of our users best put it over drinks a few weeks ago ‘people trust people’. That statement stuck with us and as a result, we’re releasing Mosaic 1.8 today which gives our users the ability to post comments against companies and other users in the community.

Our goal is not just to build a social network for investing. We want people to engage with each other about brands and companies they care about and understand.

Some of the most successful people in business invest this way. Why does Berkshire Hathaway invest in Coca-Cola? Easy – Warren Buffett drinks it regularly and can see genuine consumer demand for it.

You can comment against each individual company. These comments will be public and anyone that taps on that company will be able to see the comments. You can also comment against news updates which will also tag in the company relevant to the article.



For more personal posts, you can send messages to other users walls. We hope this Facebook-esque style of community will foster new relationships built around a more human method investing. You’ll only be able to send messages to those you follow however.

To notify friends and families, we’re allowing users to tag other users. As an example in our testing sessions, one user notified a friend that as a result of the recent iPhone X announcement, Apple is a perfect stock to put some spare money into. We want our users to have this voice when it comes to money and to be able to act all within the same experience. It’s worth noting that this same user subsequently went on to purchase Apple.

These engagement features are highly experimental for us with the sole intention of providing the best possible investing experience. We’re still working hard on the end goal which is to allow our users to invest in just about anything around the world.

Download Mosaic 1.8 now from the App Store and experience the next stage of investing.

Happy investing!


As always, feedback is super valuable to us and the experience we’re engineering – you can provide feedback anytime by simply shaking your device when in the Mosaic app or contacting us directly either on Twitter @get_mosaic or

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Co-Founder and CTO of Mosaic.