A few months ago, we pitched a unique idea to a room full of some of Sydney’s brightest in financial services. While the general feedback was overly positive, the most common response was: “sounds great but good luck getting it to market”. While it hasn’t been easy I’m proud to say that over the last few months, the team at Mosaic has built something that many thought wouldn’t be possible.

We’re calling it MosaicBeta and it’s coming out really soon.

It’s going to be an entirely new way of looking at the financial markets. We’re throwing away unnecessary market data and horribly designed user experience and replacing it with a simplified engine that lets you invest what you want, in any company you want. Want to put $50 into Tesla? Go for it. $100 into Google? No worries.


We’ve made this possible by re-designing what an exchange should look like. For hundreds of years, people have bartered for stocks with the actual values only understood by the educated and wealthy. Perceived values should underpin the market and in designing our own approach to investing, we’ve found that people are investing because their friends are and that there is a general gravitation towards brands with global influence. Learning this, we’ve addressed the barriers preventing people from investing in what they want, when they want.

Similar to that of a car, the engine is rarely seen however its built with the user at the core. As a result, this redesigned engine has fractional investing at it’s heart meaning we can offer shares for less than their unit price opening up a whole world of investment opportunities that have since been restricted to high net worth individuals and institutional investors.

We’re also allowing our users to invest around the world rather than being limited to just domestic equities. This global-first approach, in addition to the fractional investment functionality, removes two of the three biggest pain points in the conventional investment landscape.

The third pain-point identified; cost, is something we’ve also addressed through the engine. Our proprietary matching algorithm means we’re able to make far-fewer trades than normal trading houses and as a result, charge less brokerage for every investment.

In fact, Mosaic will cost less than $1 per trade.

We’re running MosaicBeta from a unique angle with our waitlist getting first access invites and the public shortly afterwards. You’ll be given $1000 of virtual Mosaic dollars to trade in actual markets, around the globe. We’ll be running weekly competitions and handing out superb swag for those who perform particularly well.

At the end of the beta period, we’ll be giving our top three users real cash prizes and priority access to Mosaic. We’ll be releasing more information on the competition and prizes closer to the MosaicBeta launch.


We’re doing the beta because we want to learn as much from our users as possible before we take Mosaic to the next level. We don’t just want to add to the thousands of investment platforms that already exist, we want to provide a wealth management experience that people genuinely want and love to use. We’re open to feedback, and criticism and suggestions in the beta period so that we’re able to provide the best possible product as we take Mosaic further. Share every thought you have with us directly through our site or over at our Twitter @get_mosaic.

For our early adopters, keep an eye on your inbox to download Mosaic. For everyone else, head over to whaley.money and sign-up for our waitlist to get first access to the beta.

We genuinely cannot wait to share what we’ve been working on and thank everyone for their support so far in the journey.

Want to know more about Mosaic and what we’re up to? Drop us a line at hi@whaley.money!

mattjones ()

Co-Founder and CTO of Mosaic.