Confused by your bank? You don’t need to be.

A few weeks ago we announced Mosaic, a banking experience that combines transaction, savings and investment accounts into one seamless product. We’re doing this because banking is broken and banks treat customers as nothing more than a number. Flipping this model upside down means we’re able to work with individuals and provide a personalised wealth management experience through a deep understanding of spending behaviour, aversion to risk and other lifestyle factors that should inform how you bank. We’ll serve this experience through a stunning, mobile-first user interface.

Over the past few months, we’ve been exploring, testing and iterating on the Mosaic platform. We’re benchmarking against the existing banking institutions, similar competitors in the emerging space and other great financial technology companies around the world in terms of design, integration, approach towards innovation and feature sets. Most importantly, our goal is to bring on as many users as possible in our first round of user testing in a few months time – we want Mosaic to be the account that people want in their lives so we’ll be taking you on the journey and building many of the core features with your feedback front of mind.

At the core of Mosaic is our approach to the management of money. We’re using a simple slider that controls your entire banking landscape. By sliding in one direction, you’re able to free up more cash from the total portfolio and sliding the other direction, allocate more money to a users risk-based portfolio. We’re doing this to optimise a users financial position at any point in time to reduce transfer fees and allow for the best possible interest rate to be applied. This intrinsic understanding of the user is the framework that powers Mosaic and in combination with a beautiful UI, allows the average consumer to work with a bank, not against.


From an investment perspective, we’ve built out the portfolio management including the buying and selling of assets from the ground up. Leveraging the success from companies such as Robinhood, we’ve created an engaging and visual active investment experience to better serve the masses when it comes to buying into a diverse range of asset classes. What is yet to be done is the data-driven integration between a bank account and an investment account. Brokerages right now pass on absurd fees and even if they do connect to a bank account such as the case with E*Trade and ANZ, the process is tedious and unintelligent. With limited knowledge of a users financial position, the whole combination is pointless and the investment account simply becomes another ‘trading’ account with a poor experience.


A pain-point with every bank is product selection and the on-boarding process. There’s far too much paperwork, zero customisation and a lack of data-driven personalisation. With Mosaic, we’ve built the on-boarding process to be driven by the user rather than dictated by the institution. We avoid the need for complex questions around financial positions by relying on our own cash flow analysis to determine how much cash should sit in an account at anytime and how much should be invested directly into the users risk-assessed assets. In contrast, existing banks onboard users through complex forms and multiple stages of verification just to get a basic transaction account up and running – all without any intelligence or understanding of the consumer who’s running it.


Mosaic is coming to the public in the coming months and we can’t wait to share how we’ve approached the challenges faced by customers in retail banking and investment. The heart of our design and user experience strategy is customer-led. This means at launch we’ll be advancing Mosaic in directions determined by our users. Keep an eye out on our Instagram in the coming weeks as we begin to share more of the Mosaic app and get a first look at the bank of the connected future.

mattjones ()

Co-Founder and CTO of Mosaic.